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More than just a regular doll, reborn babies are a unique present to offer. Learn more about these cuties, their origins and why you should consider them to please someone you love.

Reborn babies are dolls created by our artists to look extremely realistic. With the height and weight matching the ones of real babies, they offer a life-like parenting experience. Made of vinyl or silicone, their soft skin will give you the impression of holding a true child in your arms.

Originally invented in the late 1990s, Reborn dolls became more and more popular in the United States thanks to their higher realism and long-lasting quality. Nowadays, they are adopted to bring joy and happiness to kids and adults, all around the world.

Comforting by nature, offering a reborn doll is a perfect way to express love and care. Looking like real babies, they will be an ideal companion to play and spend time with. This gift will not only last long, but also be a great source of happiness to bring to your beloved ones.

The most realistic dolls handmade just for you

When it comes to adopting a Reborn, quality should never be a compromise. Discover how we carefully work on our craftsmanship and materials to provide you the best real looking baby dolls.

Various techniques are used to guarantee that your baby will stay in good conditions for many years. For example, our realistic dolls have hand-rooted hair and eye-lashes. Each of them has a unique face shape molded to look like a recently born baby. To finish, their skin, lips and eyebrows are hand-painted to give them one-of-a-kind and colorful face features.

All our products are designed by talented artists specialized in the art of reborning, which includes sculpting, molding, casting, painting, and detailing. We only work with creators we trust and that we carefully select to provide you the finest choice of dolls that look true to life.

Fully made of silicone, the soft skin of our baby dolls mimics the one of a real newborn. This material allows a high degree of flexibility and movement in the limbs and joints to easily play with your cute reborn doll. Everything you need to enjoy quality time as a loving mother by cuddling and holding it in your arms.

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How to take care of a reborn doll

Show love and care for your living doll

It is important to look after your baby to keep it in excellent condition for a long time. Here are some activities that will help you to take good care of your doll:

Many people ask themselves can I give a reborn doll a bath? The answer depends on the type of doll you select. While vinyl silicone babies can be bathed for a short period of time, cloth body reborn dolls filled with cotton cannot go underwater. Don’t forget to read the description of your doll to learn more about it.

Are you wondering how do I brush my reborn hair? Being one of the most satisfying activities to do as a parent, it requires being gentle and taking your time. Use a detangling hairbrush or comb to brush the doll’s hair from the ends up. Having smooth and shiny hair is a great base for different hairstyles for your doll.

It is always a pleasure to play with your reborn baby when it wears clean clothes. Taking care of them when they are dirty is not that complicated. All you need to do is to wash it gently by hand using warm water and some soap. Make sure to dry them thoroughly before putting them back on your baby.

Before adopting you are maybe wondering: do reborn babies pee and poop? Even if they are designed to look like newborn, realistic dolls do not have the physical abilities to pee or poop. However, it is an essential part of the parenting experience and you will enjoy changing the diapers of your kid.

Create unforgettable memories together

What can you do with a reborn baby? Spend time together, create a strong bond and enjoy every moment! Here are some key activities that will make it a joyful experience:

Give your baby the care and attention that it needs by hugging it against your heart. Sing calming lullabies to comfort your little angel and make sure it has all the affection needed with you.

Educate and entertain your toddler doll everyday by reading your favorite books. Enjoy time together by telling interesting stories to your kid before going to bed.

Spend a great time outside to explore nature with your baby doll. Visit parks, green squares and playgrounds together. Take these opportunities to meet with other friends and their living dolls.

Change the style of your kid by trying different outfits and fashion styles. Buy reborn clothes and accessories for different holidays and occasions. Make sure to take beautiful pictures to fill in your photo album.

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Since they are made to match the size of a real baby, reborn dolls usually wear clothes in newborn or 0 to 3-month size. However, some babies in our shop wear bigger clothes such as toddler dolls. Make sure to check the description of your favorite product before purchasing any additional outfit.

Being a loving parent for a reborn doll means meeting and anticipating their needs. In order to prepare everything for the arrival of your reborn baby you should think about the following items:

1. A cozy blanket or soft cloth to wrap the doll in

2. A baby crib or any other area for the baby to sleep

3. A pacifier and a bottle for feeding the baby doll

4. Clothes in the size of your baby for various occasions and seasons

5. Toys to play together with your reborn

6. A soft brush to gently clean the doll's hair

Reborn dolls are made of silicone and are not capable of eating or performing any other physiological functions. However, you can experience parenting and take better care of your lovely angel thanks to the feeding bottle delivered with your baby in our shop.

Realistic-looking dolls are not capable of crying. They can have different expressions based on the model of the baby. If you explore our collections, you will find reborn dolls with sad expressions that can make them look as if they’re crying.

There are a number of reasons why people may choose to buy reborn dolls: 

1. Some people collect these dolls as a hobby, enjoying the process of acquiring and caring for them as they would with any other type of collectible. 

2. Others may be attracted to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating these dolls and appreciate them as works of art.

3. For some people, reborn baby dolls may serve as a comforting presence or a therapeutic tool. They may provide comfort to people who have lost a child or who have difficulty conceiving, or they may be used as a way to cope with the loss of a loved one. 

4. Having a reborn doll is a great way to prepare to become a parent for couples. It can help you to gain confidence with a newborn and learn more about taking care of it. 

5. Many artists may use reborn dolls as props for photography or other creative projects. These dolls can be used to create realistic and lifelike images, which may be used for a variety of purposes such as advertising, art, or personal expression.

6. To finish, reborn babies can also be an excellent gift for your children or a family member. It will bring joy and love to any little girl or boy wishing to play with a new baby friend.

Having a reborn baby means that you enjoy taking care of others and value this human aspect in your everyday life. You are an empath and feel compassionate about others.

It also emphasizes your natural optimism and imagination. You always seek joyful moments to share and have high creativity while playing with your reborn doll.

To finish, unlike ordinary doll owners, you think that quality is important when choosing a new member to adopt in your family. This is what makes the parents of realistic reborn babies so special.